Friday, April 30, 2004

My week in a nutshell (pictorial) 

Oh my beloved ice cream bar...how I love to lick your creamy center! ....and your oh-so-nutty chocolate covering! You're not like the others...you like the same things I do! Waxed paper...boiled football leather...dog breath...We're not hitchhiking anymore! We're RIDING! Oh no, I know what YOU want. You covet my ICECREAM BAR! No you don't! You can't take it from me now. I've had this ice-cream bar since I was a CHILD! People...always trying to take it from me! Why won't they LEAVE ME ALOOOOOONNNNE? Back off, man! Don't make me use this! One stop closer, I'm WARNING ya! Don't make me use it! NOW you've done it. YOU FORCED ME TO USE IT!


My week in a nutshell (pictorial) 


Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Where did everybody go?

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

President Bush Speaks to Dead People! 

For those of you who missed last night's press briefing: "One of my hardest parts of my job is to console the family members who've lost their lives."

Full text

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Lets all hope this isn't true 

Found via Kos on Sky News. The report is not confirmed yet, so all we can do is hope that this is a simple, if ghastly, error in transmission somewhere along the line.


A Pentagon source has said up to 130 US troops have been killed in fierce fighting in Iraq.

The large scale battle, described as "intense", has taken place in the town of Ar Ramadi, 20 miles west of Fallujah.

Sky News' David Chater said: "None of this is official yet - none of it is confirmed."

But he added: "It sounds very much like this is being carried out by men who are militarily trained."

Chater described the attack as "highly sophisticated".


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